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New model series!
Dear ladies and gentlemen!
Very glad to offer you a new model series: DOOR HANDLES AND ECSUTCHEONS FOR FINNISH DOORS:
  • Door handle model 116
  • Door handle model 117
  • Escutcheon for the euro cylinder FNK
  • Escutcheon for the exclusive cylinder FNB
  • Escutcheon for the WC turn FNF
  • Escutcheon blind FNP

    High quality, variety of finish and low price make this offer the BEST at the market!
  • Date: 24.05.2004

    The series of products for Finnish doors is upadeted: the new mortise lock KZV-114 with interaxal distance 72 mm ideally fits door handles and escutcheons represented in THIS section.
    Date: 26.05.2004

    Dear ladies and gentelmen, We have enlarged our assortment of cylinder mechanisms! Now the whole model range of cylinders is available in sizes: 60,70,80,90 and 100 mm!
    See yourself and order at our Internet shop!
    Date: 27.05.2004

    New finishes of leversets!
    Dear Nora-M partners! We are glad to add the new finish to our catalogue of knob/leversets - it is unique and distinguished ANTIQUE. Models available in this finish:
  • leverset ZV1
  • leverset ZV2
    Colour choices for all items get more various, the assortment grows and your sales will be more successful! Call us, visit us or order through our internet shop!
  • Date: 31.01.2004

    Dear Partners!
    We are glad to tell you about price drop for your favourable items: Window handle Alpha in pearl chrome: the price has dropped up to the record 0.70USD! Window handles Delta, Omega, Beta in dark gold have dropped to 0.75USD! Window mechanisms in dark gold cost ONLY 0.48USD!!! Call us and visit our office! We wait for you!
    Date: 22.07.2004

    New box for a lockset
    Dear partners! We are getting rid of waste paper and boxes. All the locksets will be packed in one only box. The price remains the same and you get profit and convenience as always! Hurry up!
    Date: 21.07.2004

    Price decrease for aluminium door handles!
    NORA-M company decreases prices for DOOR HANDLES! Now that model RS-50 mm starts with 7.79 RUR; model RS-80 mm starts with 9.43 RUR; model RS-100 mm starts with 11.89 RUR. And all that guaranteed by the highest quality of the goods! Call and come! E-mail :
    Date: 20.07.2004

    New models of Premium series door handles
    Dear partners!
    We keep on shaking the market: door handles Premium series

    Style. Quality. PERFECTION.

    7 NEW models from PREMIUM-NORA-M.
    We wait for your call or visit!
    e-mail us
    Date: 06.07.2004

    ZSH,ZR and ZD1 in DARK CHERRY!
    Dear partners!

    Glad to inform you that our warehouse is full of wonderful knob/leversets. And models ZSH, ZR and ZD1 are available in the most stylish colour of this season - DARK CHERRY!
    The variety of colours, huge range of models and the most reasonable prices make our products REALLY worth!
    Date: 01.07.2004

    Assortment enlargement!
    Dear customers and partners!
    It's our pleasure to inform you that new items habe aded to our assortment:
  • Air gates size 100*100mm and 100*200mm

    You'll be delighted with low prices and high quality!
  • Date: 21.06.2004

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