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New models of door handles of Economy-series
We expand assortiment of door handles of Economy series. Now we have 7 new models: 93A, 94A, 95A, 96A, 99A,100A,101A
Modern execution! Excellent appearance!
Superior quality!
Hurry up!
Date: 16.02.2006

new finishes of carpet bands
"Nora-M" company introduces the new finishes::
  • 009 carpet band 1000mm and 1300mm has 9 wood finishes;
  • 003 carpet band 1300mm with golden finish.
    Waiting for you!
  • Date: 25.05.2005

    Dear sirs!
    Nora-M company has launched the "Office,warehouse,utility rooms without a key" programm.
    After market researches and our clients' constant appeals, we open our series of CODE LOCKS. .
    Locks have high level secrecy - more than 8000 code combinations , different finishes, they are convenient in using and serving. High quality is quaranteed by 5-year warranty!!
    Call 1012254!
    Date: 18.10.2004

    Leverset TT3!
    It is our pleasure to inform you about TT models joining our collection
  • TT3 model! !
    TT3 is remarkable for its PERFECT quality, unique colour scale and exclusive design!
    Call and visit us! We'll be waiting for you!
  • Date: 14.10.2004

    New escutcheons for Finnish doors
    Dear clients! Our new product - escutcheons for finnish doors D - 55 mm in 3 finishes : gold, chrome, white. Hurry up!
    Date: 27.09.2004

    New door stoppers
    Dear partners!

    We are glad to present NEW SERIES OF NORA-M DOOR STOPPERS. Thanks to modern tecknologies of multilayer finish and high durability features, door stopper will fit any interior.
    Date: 27.09.2004

    New finish
    Dear partners! We have at the stocks the following products in new colours:
  • - window handle Alpha in satin nickel
  • - window handle Beta in satin nickel
  • - flush bolt 6 1/2" in satin nickel and pearl chrome.
    Call and visit us!

  • Date: 01.10.2004

    New warehouse
    Dear Nora-M clients!
    Due to constant increase of our products, we have to enlarge our stock territory. Now the warehouse is situated in the neighbouring hangar.
    Date: 21.09.2004

    The NORA-M company increases color scale and REDUCES the PRICE for graceful and qualitative DOOR HANDLE!!! Now, oval and rectangular door handles are submitted in 13 colors!

    Look in our catalogue of production, call and order!

    Date: 03.08.2004

    New finishes in our series of knob/leversets!
    Dear customers!
    There are new finishes in NORA-M series of knob/leversets. Leversets AA and TT7 now are available in:
  • AA - new stylish colours gold/chrome, chrome/gold;
  • TT7 - gold,satin gold,chrome,white,satin nickel,antique copper,antique bronze.
    Hurry up to see yourself and visit us at our new office!

  • Date: 10.02.2004

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